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We are a local Dallas SEO company right here in the metroplex and we love helping local businesses in optimizing their business website to get more customers.


We are able to take your website and update your existing content to attract more customers from people searching for businesses just like yours.


If you would like help growing your customer base then be sure to sign-up for a free strategy session to talk about how we can help your business today.

What Does Your Online Presence Look Like?

Your Online Presence Could Make or Break Your Business.

Consumers are spending more time online than ever, we have access to information at our fingertips. We carry smartphones in our pockets where we can access information by touch, click, or even voice command. Businesses without an online presence are slowly fading away and closing their doors.

On the other hand, Business Owners who adapt and embrace online marketing are the ones who will grow and take over their competitor’s clientele.

The 1st step to increasing your online presence is to setup a website. If you already have one, Great! If not, we can help you with that. We don’t create generic websites with the standard information. No, we research what your customers are looking for and help you to answer their most important questions. By doing this we help you to be recognized as the authority in your business.

We help potential customers find your business online by helping you show up where customers are searching for the products and services your business provides.
Jonathan Wells
SEO Expert

We believe in providing businesses with real results that drive more customers to your business every month.

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Work With A Results Driven Dallas SEO Company

Come and work with a Local SEO Agency right here in the Dallas Area. Our Digital Marketing Agency prides itself on results and getting your business found in online search results. We help small businesses get ranked locally in Google Maps to make it easier for customers to find your business. While also researching your competition to make sure that you are delivering the most value for customers who are searching for more information.

Hockey Stick Growth

We work behind the scenes to improve your website’s authority to improve your organic ranking in the Google search results.

Once the technical SEO has been updated and we have made the necessary updates to improve your relevance. That is when we generally see the hockey stick growth.

We call it this because your ranking will stop fluctuating for a while and then it will skyrocket to the top of the search results.

We love sharing these types of results with our clients as it is generally followed by a boost of traffic and an increase in customers and sales. When we beat out your competitors and win new keywords is the best part because then we are able to take on even higher competition keywords which result in even more customers. Are you ready for exponential growth in your business?

We look forward to working with your business and hope that you will choose to become our next success story. Book a strategy call below to see if it looks like we are a good fit for your business.


Web Design and Search Engine Optimization

In order to increase your online conversions, you need a good web design that has been optimized with content that tailors to what your customers are searching for. We work with small business owners who already have a website and others who need a website to start getting more customers online.

Either way, the end result is the same. Our Dallas SEO Company creates a campaign to optimize your website for the keywords your customers are searching for. By doing this we are able to craft content that engages your audience to answer all of their questions. We also follow up with customers that have left your website until they are ready to make a purchase decision.

SEO Campaign Strategy

After your content has been generated we take a look at your competition to see what they are doing to see how we can make a better customer experience for your potential customers. This SEO Strategy pulls out all the stops and answers all the questions your customer has asked or might think about asking in the future.

By creating the ultimate resource for your customers we are able to execute the ultimate SEO Strategy by giving consumers exactly what they want. In return, search engines like Google reward your business by increasing your ranking in the search engine results.

The Secret To Getting More Customers is Keyword Research

Every small business I have worked with has had the same problem. A lack of traffic to their website, while it’s obvious that content is king when it comes to online traffic. The only problem is that people tend to spin their wheels going after the search terms that their client base isn’t looking for.

Client Testimonial

I told them they could reach out to the business to let them know they were wasting their time but the ad would just end up being replaced by another ad so It didn’t really matter. This is just another prime example of a company that didn’t do their keyword research properly and they were getting charged every time someone went to their ad.

Local Organic Traffic

What is Organic Traffic and how does it help you grow your business?

To put it in a nutshell, Organic Traffic is anyone who visits your website naturally without clicking through a paid promotion like a display ad, PPC ad, or some other paid ad.
The best way to receive organic visitors to your website is through the use of Search Engine Optimization. Search Engines rank websites based on a number of different factors and by optimizing your website for the people searching for your products and services.
We are able to increase your ranking so that you show up at the top of the search engine for the keywords that your customers are searching for. There are several ways to invite organic traffic, lets talk about a few methods for doing just that.

Content Marketing

Content Creation is the best way to attract Customers

By creating new content you are able to target more customers. For example, lets say you are a Yoga Instructor and you notice that most of your customers are young people. Then you create content that talks about the benefits of Yoga for older men and women.
You then notice that you start getting an older crowd signing up for classes. Then you can talk about the benefits for people with specific conditions or life situations. By ranking for these additional keywords you are able to increase the size of your business again and again.
This isn’t just for yoga instructors, it works for HVAC businesses and software companies, and just about any business you can think of.


So, What is a Citation and why do you need them?

A citation is a link from listing sites like a directory or review sites. Even links from your social media platforms count as citations. The more directories you join and add your website link to the better.

If you can find local directories in your city it can be even better. We work with your business to get good quality links from the best citation sites out there. This proves to the search engines that you are a real business and are out there networking and helping other businesses.

Do you know of a magazine or directory that has a site that talks specifically about your type of business? We can reach out to them to make sure you get a link from them as they will be some of the most valuable references for your business.

Social Media Mentions

Social Media signals help to Improve your Authority

If I offered you a $100 Gift Card to Red Lobster or to Bernie’s Crab Bayou, which one would you take. You’d probably go with Red Lobster because you know who they are and you’re familiar with their reputation. The search engine looks at you the same way.

It’s one thing if another website links to your business, even if it is a reputable business but If my brother-in-law says you have the best Lobster in town then that’s a whole different story. People mentioning your brand on social media gives you some extra clout that provides that human element that is a lot more trustworthy.

Our Dallas SEO Company helps you to get recognized by the best social media outlets so that the buzz never fades and people are always talking about your amazing business.

Can You Ever Have Too Many Clients? Want To Find Out?

Our clients often come to us struggling to get more clients and worried about providing enough work for themselves and their employees. After working with us they seem to have a new problem. You are then faced with the problem of having too many clients and have the option of hiring more people or only taking the jobs that you want. This means that you can now pick and choose which clients you wish to work with.

Customer Testimonial


If you are still searching for customers high and low and having to accept every request that comes across your desk. Well, then you should consider joining us for a strategy session to talk about ways to increase the number of customers coming to you through online marketing methods.

Sometimes, a few simple changes in the way you market to your customers can mean the difference between a yes or a no. As an experienced Dallas SEO Company, we believe that there are enough customers in the market for everyone. Of course, we do prefer for our clients to get the best of those clients. 

How a Dallas SEO Company Can help your Local Business.

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that helps you to increase the amount of customers that come to your business each month. This is accomplished by optimizing your website to show up higher in Google search results for search questions that your customers are asking.

By extending your expertise to potential clients you are able to present a solution for their problems and by doing so you present yourself as the expert that they can turn to for help.

We have worked with several companies that used PPC advertising methods like Facebook, Google Adwords and even YouTube ads. These methods can be effective but you are paying for every time a person goes to your website. If you used SEO and ranked for a search term that brought you the same amount of visitors to your website, each time you ranked for a new search term you would increase the amount of traffic without increasing your advertising budget.

We love our amazing clients!

Meet The SEO Analyst

SEO Analyst

The Analyst

Hi, I am the lead analyst for Welvis Marketing. I may be a little bit of a data nerd but I still love getting outdoors and going hiking whenever I get the chance.

I live in the DFW Metroplex, right here in the Great State of Texas. I enjoy working with all types of businesses and I love helping them grow their business.

Getting Creative

While I may be a little bit of a country boy, I am also quite the Data Scientist. I love diving into website analytics and identifying customer patterns and teaching small and large business owners how to identify their target market.

I’ll teach you how to craft content to attract your ideal client. By doing this you will become recognized as the go-to person within your industry.


Become Our Next Success Story!

We love bragging about our clients. Your hard work and expertise speaks for itself. We simply help people find you but it’s up to you to make your customers raving fans. Yes, we’ll handle the tech and any site optimizations that are needed to help you shine like the sun. 

We will even help you pick the best search terms to target to reach your ideal customer. As always it is our pleasure to serve and if you are ready to take your business to the next level than shoot us a message today to speak with our lead SEO Analyst.